Keeping everyone ahead of a rapidly changing industry.

The Ontario Library Association (OLA) provides ongoing educational program to members across Ontario and beyond. With the library world rapidly evolving, it is increasingly important for all librarians to stay current with the latest trends in technology, resources, training and more.

Video Conferencing
Audio Conferencing

Location: Toronto, ON
Status: Completed July 2013
Client: Ontario Library Association

Lobby Area Used For Meeting - Digital Signage And Video Conferencing Solutions.

The Challenges

How do you provide ongoing training, all over Ontario – and beyond? The challenge faced by the OLA is increasingly common throughout business today. With budgets shrinking and the workforce dispersed over larger and larger geographic areas, how do you keep everyone up to date? The Ontario Library Association needed an ongoing training program that could reach the most remote parts of Ontario – and yes, budgets were definitely an issue.

The Solution

A series of audio conferences was developed to provide effective, ongoing training to keep everyone up to date from even the most remote locations. Participants have expanded beyond Ontario to across America and Great Britain, while The Library Association has been able to access experts from all over the world. These sessions have kept staff prepared for the constantly changing demands placed on them, without a major investment in time or cost. The programs are as easy to access as dialing a phone, and a small fee per session has helped cover most or all of the costs, so it’s affordable for everyone.

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“They made it easy for us. We can reach people everywhere. And we don’t have to worry about technical issues. Audability takes care of everything.”

Liz Kerr