Hostopia is Audability’s largest audio conferencing customer.

Hostopia is a large domain hosting company with over 40,000 employees worldwide. With such a far reach, they turned to Audability to help their many employees in many different locations to collaborate as one team.

Audio Conferencing
Video Bridging

Location: Toronto, ON
Status: Completed 2013
Client: Hostopia

The Challenges

Bringing employees together on one system is a challenge to every company, but for Hostopia, the sheer number of employees and geographic locations around the world personified this problem. Each location was also using a different instant messaging platform, further dividing the company’s communications. This is a growing and common problem among multi-national corporations, and this is exactly the type of problem Audability excels at solving.

The Outcome

Audability set up one cohesive platform for all communications and trained all users to encourage adoption quickly. This training helped shatter the perception that audio/visual systems were hard to use. Today Hostopia is Audability’s largest audio conferencing customer, and Audability continues to grow other services within Hostopia and their parent company Deluxe. From video bridging to virtual environments, Audability is now their go-to collaboration provider.

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“Finding someone thats reliable, trusted, as well as a strong platform was important for us and we found that in Audability.”

Gino Cardenas, VP of Marketing