The Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) is one of the largest and most successful pension plans in Ontario.

Its membership includes approximately 25,000 healthcare employees and is recognized as an industry leader among multi-employer plans. Ongoing meetings with the Board of Trustees required that meeting rooms be equipped to manage a variety of different needs, both in smaller groups and with up to 30 participants.

Video Conferencing
Audio Conferencing

Location: Toronto, ON
Status: Completed July 2013
Client: Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan

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The Challenges

HOOPP was faced with a conference system that was deteriorating rapidly, resulting in increasingly frequent breakdowns and poor quality sound. As a result, meetings with the Board of Trustees were often interrupted and important information was not communicated clearly. IT knew they had to act – and fast. After an in-depth search for a new conference system provider, HOOPP selected Audability. The reason? They knew they could count on them.

The Solution

Michael was impressed with Audability’s professional approach, demonstrating an expert understanding on what was required, and how to implement it. “The service was outstanding. They did what they said they would do, and they were there when I needed them.”

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“Audability took the time to understand what our specific needs were. They understood what was required for our conferences – with the right equipment, the right service, the right expertise. They made it work.”

Michael Wong, Manager, Facilities Solutions and Services