Incorporating Communication Technology into Event Management

The typical event, whether it’s corporate or otherwise, can encompass a lot of different requirements, depending on what the client is looking to achieve. There are various tiers of engagement, from high frequency, smaller group events to higher profile, higher visibility events where you have a large audience that you’re trying to engage. So Audability has a team with a tremendous amount of history, over a decade in fact, of working with organizations to understand their objectives and to build programs. Often the corporate event becomes something that has a recurring element to it, and we can develop a program that helps to achieve objectives. There are a variety of options in terms of technologies, and it’s often not one specific technology. We want to talk a little about the physical space requirements if there’s a live audience, and then the virtual space and how we’re going to leverage the solutions that come into play to support a deep engagement of a virtual audience.

There are two ends of the spectrum in terms of corporate events, whether internal or externally facing. You have the high frequency, low visibility team meeting-type structure, where you’re doing them more frequently, but then you have the less frequent, high visibility executive-type events that command a lot more attention — and often more budget — but have less margin of error. You want to be working with a group that has the experience and the expertise to ensure that it’s going to go smoothly. Once that confidence is built in your production team, the program often grows, and we find with corporate events there’s obviously a recurring element to them. With a successful event that is able to engage people in the physical as well as the virtual environment, often there’s more budget to be rolled in to support a higher production value as well.

In today’s business world we need to have options to be able to reach as many people as possible, anywhere in the world. The types of technologies that we bring to the table allow you to essentially erase walls and bend time, because we can bring people in over video or other solutions and give that same sense of engagement and interaction regardless where they are. The abilities to record content and leverage the value of the content outside of the immediate meeting is also incredibly beneficial for organizations. We can support a strategy that handles all that.