Building vs Extending Video Conferencing Systems

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A solution consultant can help you make the right call.

When your video system is no longer up to the task, you have a choice between extending your existing video system and building a new one. Both options come with their own challenges and benefits, and it usually takes a bit of research to determine which is best for your company. A critical part of this research is carried out by your systems integration team, which includes a solution consultant.


Why is a Solution Consultant crucial to your video system?
Solution consultants evaluate your existing needs and help determine what you want to do going forward. Depending on whom in your company we are speaking with, the conversation changes for that department, but all the while we keep your overall objectives in mind. We constantly ask ourselves, “How are we going to solve your problems?” and “How does the overall solution apply to your daily business?” Solution consultants thrive with technology that is ever changing, and appreciate that each client is different. We can look at a challenge, and come up with multiple different solutions – the solutions are different, but they will all solve the challenge at different levels. We ensure we understand your high level objectives, so that we can guide you to the correct solution. Solution consultants are passionate about technology, and passionate about problem solving to create the right solution.

When do you extend an existing system?
Solution consultants augment an existing system approximately 75% of the time – a client usually wants an upgrade, to expand their solution or fix a problem. Extending existing systems brings its own challenges to work through – usually associated with restricted budget, or retraining the end users so they once again trust the solution that has been put into place. The great news is that we will strive to execute this extended solution at a better cost, as we repurpose and reuse as many existing components as possible.

When do you build a new system?
When a solution consultant creates a solution from new, it allows for more flexibility in the number of options that can be used to build that solution. This clean slate allows for the fullest range of creativity our design team has to offer, and because of that we can holistically look at the future state of the system and its impact within your growing company. If we can integrate that future planning into the design, the system will have a better ROI long term, as it’s designed to grow with the company.

So, which is the better choice?
The key thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to extend an existing system versus building new is to sit down and have a realistic conversation about budget. Everything costs money. You can have the latest in technology, but you don’t necessarily need the bells and whistles (or the price tag). Knowing what your present needs are, what your future needs will be, and the accurate upfront and ongoing costs, will ensure your solutions consulting team can provide options that are best suited to your overall goals.