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Our team has the expertise, industry knowledge and certifications in infrastructure, video and audio to deliver a solution that is easy to use, easy to implement and fully supported.

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What Sets Us Apart

Now where it gets really interesting is how we get you there. You see, for us, it’s all about being able to connect with you, one on one, not with a lot of technology buzzwords and complicated charts, but in a way that is as easy to understand as our solutions are to use.


We have deeply experienced people working with us in Professional Services who not only have a great understanding of our entire suite of services, they are also great communicators. We’re happy to sit down with you about one or all aspects of our offerings. Whether it’s a one time evaluation or an ongoing engagement, our experts will make sure you get it.

Network assessment

When we assess a room, we take into consideration the entire environment, the Internet, firewalls, the protocols required that allow your people to securely talk to the outside world and more. It’s important to have a holistic viewpoint, to ensure the configuration of your solution is absolutely perfect. We are highly certified in network assessment and consultation, so much so that our team is regularly deployed globally, to evaluate and provide assessment reports for clients, partners, and even other AV vendors. We know our stuff.

Adoption & Training Services

Once we have implemented a system, whether in a room, across the office or throughout an organization in multiple locations around the globe. Our Customer Experience Team is dedicated to ensuring every user who touches your solution is comfortable and competent, and has a solid sense of its functionality. We also provide customized training programs that ensure your people are able to utilize the room to its fullest capabilities for collaboration.

You’ll value the experience of working with us as much as the collaborative experience we create for your organization.

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I enjoy developing relationships that generate positive momentum and mutual success.

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