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Audability’s Total Care Program is all about providing you with complete confidence in the performance and maintenance of your audio visual system.

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It works – no ifs ands or buts

We protect your investment and make sure it is ready when you need it most by eliminating repair costs, and minimizing system downtime, while maximizing system performance. And with unlimited, no charge service calls you can look forward to no budgetary surprises associated with servicing of your system.

Complete Peace of Mind

Here’s how our customized program empowers your experience while protecting your investment:

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Estate Maintenance

Bi-annual maintenance proactively mitigates potential interruption – ensuring your Collaboration System maintains its critical business uptime.

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Unlimited Service Calls

Gain access to prioritized Help Desk and Technical support. Whenever you want to and however many times you need to. Our technicians and field service team are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of collaborative solutions and their elements.

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End User Training & Adoption

Maximize adoption through customized educational programs and end user training. Our dedicated Customer Experience Team focuses on enhancing the experience of each end user.

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Consumables Replacement

We will replace all consumables related to your Collaboration Solution.

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Service Level Agreements

Guaranteed response times at any hour of the day.

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Advanced Parts Replacement

We provide replacements, allowing you to maintain use of your solution.

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Firm / Software Upgrades

Have a certified Technician perform all upgrades, and ensure your Collaboration Solution is performing at its peak capability.

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Audability is an authentic organization – from people, to process, to how we view our clients, and deliver our solutions.

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