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Webcasting is a simple, powerful way to broadcast your live or on-demand events over the Internet to the world.

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Whether you are in your home office in your fuzzy slippers with a webcam, a boardroom or a live stage using a high-end quality video camera, Audability can enable your webcast to anyone who has access to a browser, anywhere in the world.

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Our solutions enable you to present audio, video, and synchronized presentations, and even track attendee behaviour. Your participants can collaborate with each other and the host via text. And yes, the webcast can be recorded and replayed on-demand. When you’ve got something to say, let the world know.

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Webcasting takes many different forms, and we are sure to take care of them all.

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Audio Webcasting

When you don’t have a lot of visual bells and whistles to present, this is a simple way to get your message out to your audience. For added impact, your audio feed can also be synced with other content such as a PowerPoint.

Event With Integrated Live Webcasting Technology - Webcasting Live Webcasting.

Rental & Staging

You’ve got the event space to deliver your message. We’ve got the expertise to make it rock. We do it all to make your event a success, from providing stages and teleprompters, backgrounds, chairs, high quality video cameras, even hair & makeup.

Office Room With Video Webcasting Communication Systems - Webcasting Services In Office.

Video Production

We can help ensure your on-site video production is delivered smoothly and professionally and goes off without a hitch. We have the team to make it happen, including an experienced video producer, cameramen, and video editor.

Tablet With Integrated Video Conferencing Communication Systems - Video Conferencing Solutions.

Video Webcasting

Add video to a webcast to increase attendee interest and retention. We ensure a seamless and professional experience for a multitude of events, from product launches to town halls and road shows to training. You can easily capture your pre-recorded or live video presentation from an event, a boardroom, or your desktop.

Meeting Room Using Webcasting Technology - Video Conferencing Solutions.

Virtual Environments

Using the same platform experience as webcasting, we can create a cool interactive virtual environment for your attendees to gather and connect, engage and learn. Your virtual content can incorporate multiple webcast events, marketing content, virtual tradeshow booths, and networking lounges. For powerful feedback, you can also track every click, download, and interest point your attendee makes.


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