This is where Audability truly shines – the integration of your audio and video conferencing solution. You see, we believe that for a system to be truly effective, one guiding hand overseeing the entire solution from end-to-end just makes sense.

Driving success from concept to execution

Depending on the scale of your implementation, we begin by connecting early with architects and designers to better integrate your system into your workspace. Importantly, we think ahead about how every single part contributes to the whole experience – from selecting the right microphones, high quality camera hardware and monitors to automating the entire experience. And because of our technology agnostic approach, we are free to choose from the best vendors and the best technologies for the best outcomes. The reality is, choosing Audability just adds up to a better solution.

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My area of expertise is the ability to think outside the box for A/V designs. I am never limited by the idea of what is normal. I have the ability to “MacGyver” any project so that it is cost effective, functional and simple to use.

Ben Radtke

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Audability will lead the strategy and select the right products are right for you. Below are the many outstanding products that can play a part in your successful integration:

Control Room With Collaborative Communication Technology - Audio Visual Room Automation.

Room Automation

A well-done control panel can make or break a collaboration experience. That’s why during our consultative process we will learn the various ways you wish to use a room. You may require different lighting and sound depending on the number of participants or time of day. You may want a projector screen or digital whiteboard to automatically appear, the window blinds to come down, microphones pop up and the lights to dim. No matter what you need, we can program in pre-set behaviours to address your various requirements. Think of your control panel as the “universal remote” of your room, integrating video, projection, speakers, microphones, whiteboard, lighting, blinds, and more.

People Using Microphone Technology In A Meeting Room - Audio Video Meeting Room.


Think a microphone is just a microphone? We don’t. That’s why we work with a roster of outstanding sound companies who can meet a multitude of situations. For example, microphone selection can vary based on room size, seat position, how a voice interacts with furniture and even how a microphone looks within your environment. Whether we need to recommend a lapel mic, a drop down from the ceiling or a pop up from inside a table, we deliver what will sound best for the room configuration.

Technology Equipment Racks With Audio Video Technology - Audio Modern Innovative Technology.

Equipment Racks

Who knew that an equipment rack could be so important? Because the equipment rack is where we store the brains to your room’s operation. So as part of our systems integration planning and design we will carefully select – or custom build − a rack that fits your workspace and positions your equipment in a smart, organized manner. We will build your rack into a wall or furniture and ensure the controls for your video or audio conferencing are at your fingertips, but discreetly out of sight.

Conference Using Visual Displays To Integrate Video Communication - Av Systems In Meeting Space.

Projectors & Screens

We can recommend the projector and screen that is ideal for your application – no matter the size, location, or up time requirements. As we work with today’s leading vendors we ensure that what you see is true to life.

Meeting Room With Lighting Solutions To Enhance Audio Communications- Audio Visual Meeting Room.

Lighting Solutions

There’s a good reason the director calls out, “Lights, camera, action!” It’s because light is at the heart of creating a great visual image. We ensure your lighting is sophisticated enough to differ based on existing light conditions and various individuals − it’s what contributes to a great quality video experience.

Conference Room Using Video Wall With Audio Visual Communications - Audio Visual Meeting Room.

Video Walls

We can help you create the illusion of one stunning, synonymous visual with an entire wall or ceiling of video. We even offer options for curve and touch integration to enhance user interaction and effectiveness of your messaging.

Conference Room With Interactive Conferencing System -Audio Video Meeting Room.

Monitors & Displays

We can recommend the monitor and display that is picture perfect for your application – no matter the size, location, or up time requirements. Our process is all about working with premier innovators in the field to ensure that your meetings will always look amazing.

Woman Using Integrated Mobile Communication Technology - Audio Visual Systems.

Paging & Messaging

Your workforce can be here, there and everywhere in your office building. We can provide high quality broadcast systems for your overall work environment to ensure that everyone hears important information in real time. Of course, we can offer an override feature to ensure meeting rooms are not disturbed when in use.

Meeting Room With Audio Visual Communication Technology - Audio Visual Systems In Meeting Space.

Shades & Blinds

Specially designed video conferencing shades help manage the proper amount of light in to any room. Why is this important? Because helping look your very best on video requires a careful management of light. As with many other of the products on this page, shades and blinds can be fully integrated through your control panel.

Sound Masking Incorporated Using Audio Visual Communication Technology - Audio Video Meeting Room.

Sound Masking

All sound is not created equal. We ensure your conversations are not distracting others, or being overheard by the wrong people. For example, with office space becoming more open concept, such issues as distracting background noises or a “loud talker” can critically affect production levels. We will carefully assess your workspace for any potential areas that may negatively impact on sound quality and recommend sound masking solutions that are unobtrusive, but highly effective.

Black Speakers With Integrated Audio Technology - Av Systems With Audio Communication.


Audability is very selective about the vendors we choose to bring your voice to life. After all, being seen is important; being heard as if you were face to face with your audience is what it’s all about. We have years of experience and know which speakers to recommend to ensure your audio is being directed in the right direction, at the right level, and at the right tone. Hidden or visual, we’ll deliver the best option for your room and needs.

Digital Whiteboard Integrated With Collaborative Technology - Interactive Whiteboard.

Digital Whiteboards

Our range of revolutionary digital whiteboard solutions are multi-function wizards with outstanding high quality projection and audio capabilities, Wi-Fi content sharing, finger touch, and table top options. They can also turn virtual meetings into powerful presentations, enabling participants, no matter where they are, to interact by writing on shared screen images in real time.

Video Enabling Products

Our on-premise hardware captures every detail of your video conference and transmits in high definition. We work with premier hardware providers to ensure we deliver the picture perfect meeting.

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We are proud of our expertise with TelePresence, UC Collaboration and Audio Visual technologies.

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