5 ways video conferencing has a measurable effect on your bottom line

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Meetings may be an essential part of doing business, but they’re often an inefficient use of your time and resources. Before video conferencing became viable for everyone, finding an alternative that combines the personal touch of speaking face-to-face with the convenience of a phone call was something of a holy grail. Here are just some of the unexpected ways that digital video conferencing can save your organisation money.


  1. Release the conference room

When you’re set up for video conferencing, you’ll have less need to book conference facilities for in-person gatherings. Video conferencing also lets you line meetings up more closely, without considering travel time. Move seamlessly from an interview in Seattle to a project pitch in Abu Dhabi in just minutes.

  1. Boost your agility

Bring key staff together instantly to deal with time-sensitive situations. No matter where they are when issues arise, video conferencing lets you assemble your decision makers face to face, facilitating smooth and easy collaboration.

  1. Prevent mission drift

We’ve all been in meetings that drifted off topic, or went on way too long. Setting firm start and finish times in video conferences helps you control the length of meetings and keep attendees on topic, to ensure a more productive use of your time.

  1. Make remote working easier

The option to work remotely is a great incentive for staff who live far from the office, have young children, or are otherwise prevented from attending work in person every day. Attract and retain good people by letting them attend meetings and say hi to colleagues from anywhere without abandoning other necessary responsibilities.

  1. Cut down on business travel

We know this is not unexpected, but it’s worth repeating: attending a meeting outside of your normal travel routine can be cumbersome. Return flights, hotel rooms, car hire – sending even one representative to an interstate or overseas meeting can be prohibitively expensive. Enter video conferencing. Organise meetings with anybody, anywhere, and invite the whole team at no extra cost.


Of course, all these savings only start adding up if you have the hardware and technical support to prevent time-consuming hiccups. An end to end solution helps you ensure ROI is maximized.